Telling your story

Couples and capturing your love is my vibe! Young love, new love, forever love, its all love in the end.

Here at three tips to help you get the most out of your couple session in the forest and give you the emotional story telling images for you to treasure for eternity



There is no pressure to perform, you are not a monkey in the zoo. I need you to relax with me and my camera in order for your true selves and your story to be visible in the photos. Yours interactions and poses with your partner should be natural, not forced. Cuddle like you would at home on the couch, whisper secrets in each others ears, tell Dad jokes, dance to your favourite songs, pop some bubbles, lay around reading a book. Whatever you normally do together, do it at your session.



A huge part of your photos is what you wear. I can share colour and tone ideas as well as style but ultimately it is up to you. Wear what you are comfortable in! This is super important! Don't wear tight fitting clothes if you don't usually wear them. If your clothing makes you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable in the photos. Ideally loose fitting, neutral coloured clothes look the best, but you do you! This is your session and the photos are yours to treasure for eternity, be comfortable.



Prompts can often make you feel silly but totally capture the emotions. Don't overthink this, I will give you the prompt and it will be as simple as hold hands and turn in a circle, dance, big bear hugs from behind, walk together swinging your arms, splash each other in the waves. You may feel unnatural and like you look silly but it will be fun, you will soon be laughing and enjoying the moment, completing forgetting that I am there.

I hope these tips help you prepare and plan your couple photo session. This can be applied to any session you have, no matter the location.